31 July 2011

Brake Gear Part 2

This part in the brake rigging is optional, but it makes the finished wagon more visually appealing, even if the wire does only go from side to side. All you need is some thin wire (I use left over stuff that comes with BGB kits), a pin vice, a steel ruler, small wirecutters and a drill bit small enough to drill a hole that the wire won't wobble around too much in.

First off, you have to straighten the wire sufficiently by rolling it backwards and forwards under the ruler, then drill two holes through the centre sill so the wire goes all the way through. Next, you thread the wire through to get the appropriate length of it, and cut it.

 After that, you can glue the controls in their respective places. PLEASE NOTE that on an AQCY, the handbrake is of a wheel style and is located where one of the chain lockers is on a VQCX. You can see where the locker was cut out in the next photo. For these wagons, either Miner type handbrakes or Model Etch's ME6 handbrakes can be used (the ME6's were the ones prototypically used in the photos I can find of these wagons, but I use the Miner handbrakes because I can't get any ME6's).
 This method can also be used for other controls found on the wagon too. As you can probably tell in the photo below, one of the controls is mis-aligned. That is why it's important to line up the holes first, because I didn't there and it shows.

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